Electroplating on plastic is a process of coating metals like Copper, Nickel, and Chrome on plastic products. The result of this process is a hard and shiny surface that protects against corrosion and wear. This process is done using our EcoPlate technology, which is performed using our environment-friendly fully-automated plating line. The electroplating process requires plating grade plastic such as ABS AP-8, JSR, and 727 Polylac. We provide several types of coating finishes to suit the needs of our customers.

Nickel Chrome finish has a shiny mirror-like finish that is produced using several layers of bright and semi-bright nickel. Satin Chrome has a similar color finish to a Nickel Chrome, but with an abrasive pattern left on the surface that dulls the shiny finish of a Nickel Chrome. Black Chrome allows a darker color base while keeping the shiny appearance of a Nickel Chrome finish. Black Satin Chrome is a combination of Black Chrome and Satin Chrome, in which a Black Chrome finish is then dulled with an abrasive pattern from the Satin Chrome process.